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Daily Archives: March 4, 2015

Businessman Cezar Chocheli Offers a Plan to Stabilize the Georgian Lari

Businessman Cezar Chocheli believes the development of local production is the main factor   for the lari’s stabilization and economic development. For this purpose, the businessman offers the government to  allocate GEL 100-150 million annually in the near 3-4 years for business development. Chocheli says  that businesses should have greater access …

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Turkish Airlines Jet Veers Off Runway in Nepal

The jetliner veered off the runway with no injuries to the passengers or damage to the body of the plane A Turkish Airlines jetliner veered off the runway in Nepal on Wednesday morning with no injuries to the passengers or damage to the body of the plane, according to civil-aviation …

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A New Wave of Price Increases Expected in April

Due to the lari’s depreciation, some importers are forced  to increase the prices of products from April at least 15-20%. According to Director General of “Alliance”,  one of the largest importers, they have not hiked prices yet as the company  has a long partnership relations with suppliers which helped  to …

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The Bill to either Constrain or Develop Media Sector

Winners, Losers and Expected Outcomes of New AD Regulations The Georgian Parliament has approved a bill of amendments to the law on broadcasting by the second hearing with 63 votes against 30 votes. The amendments set new regulations for placing TV commercials. Under the new regulations, TV broadcasters will be …

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