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Daily Archives: February 7, 2015

Rugby Europe Championship: Georgia defeats Germany

Georgia’s national rugby team have defeated Germany 64-8 in the German town of Heusenstamm in a Rugby Europe Championship match today. This was the first rugby meeting between the nations since Germany was relegated to Division B in 2010. Georgia played its part in Germany’s demotion that year with a …

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Modern Technology development centre to be founded in Georgia

The Georgian Government together with a group of scientists have started working to create a science-education centre for modern technology development in Georgia. Works on Technological Institute and Hadron Therapy Mega Project have got underway, the Government Administration said. The first meeting of the Commission to deal with the issues …

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Young Georgian entrepreneurs compete for 10,000 GEL

A handful of students have been selected to participate in the Smart-up Georgia program to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and compete for 10,000 GEL. Twenty student start-up ideas have been selected from 133 business projects to take part in the program, which is a nationwide student competition aimed to foster …

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Croatia writes off debts for poorest citizens

Thousands of Croats will see their debts written-off on Monday as part of an attempt to boost the economy by helping households to regain access to basic facilities including bank accounts. The scheme, which has been dubbed “fresh start”, will see the debts of around 60,000 citizens erased by banks, …

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How to Really Listen to Your Employees

Let’s face it: strong leaders tend to be characterized by their strong opinions, decisive action, and take-no-prisoners attitude. These are important traits, but it’s equally important for managers to stand down and listen up. Yet many leaders struggle to do this, in part because they’ve become more accustomed to speaking …

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A Country Is Not a Company

College students who plan to go into business often major in economics, but few believe that they will end up using what they hear in the lecture hall. Those students understand a fundamental truth: What they learn in economics courses won’t help them run a business. The converse is also …

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