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Daily Archives: February 1, 2015

The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Sharing at All

The sharing economy has been widely hailed as a major growth sector, by sources ranging from Fortune magazine to President Obama. It has disrupted mature industries, such as hotels and automotives, by providing consumers with convenient and cost efficient access to resources without the financial, emotional, or social burdens of …

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An Important Data Lesson from an Inconsequential Football Scandal

As “Deflategate” rattles the National Football League in the run-up to this year’s Super Bowl, data analysts have swooped in, including Warren Sharp, one of many self-styled football analysts who blog about the topic. In a Slate article he analyzes the fumbling rate of the New England Patriots — the …

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Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-Do List

Do you leave emails in your inbox so that you remember to read or tackle them? If so, you’re using your email to manage your tasks—and those are actually two very different things. Using a separate task manager, one that ties in closely with your email, can help you spend …

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4 Ways to Make Conference Calls Less Terrible

No one wants to sit on a boring conference call, especially when they have other work to do. But that’s the reality for a lot of people, at least according to recent InterCall research on the rise of mobile conference calls and employee conferencing behavior. With 82% of employees admitting …

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Start-ups Should Sell to Small Businesses, Not Big Enterprises

Business-to-business start-ups are an important segment of the entrepreneurial landscape, but many founders hamstring themselves by focusing on the wrong initial customers. They focus on large enterprises, hoping to gain legitimacy from “anchor” customers. This focus can make their path much more difficult, and dramatically reduce their chance of success. …

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If President Obama Can Get Home for Dinner, Why Can’t You?

No matter how challenging a C-suite job may be, it is surely dwarfed by the pressures of the U.S. presidency. No matter how many vacations they take or how much they exercise, presidents seem to visibly age faster than other people; among the White House staff, there’s frequent talk of …

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