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What is a Real Price of Fuel in Georgia?

Why a price of fuel in Georgia does not fall adequately to changes in the international market? Why a halved price on the international market  is not reflected in the  Georgian market? Is the price of gasoline artificially increased in Georgia? Whether we are talking about a pricing policy agreed …

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Online Gambling to be Banned in Georgia

The relevant bill has already been developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will be considered by Parliament in the spring. According to the newspaper Prime Time, an initiative of the Ministry is likely to be supported by a parliamentary majority. “According to various estimates, 70% of underage play …

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CNN to Stop Broadcasting in Russia

CNN will cease broadcasting in Russia following the recent passage of a law that puts limits on media companies’ foreign ownership. In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law requiring foreign-owned media companies in Russia to cut non-Russian ownership to 20 percent by the end of 2016, Bloomberg reports.

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HSBC Russia: Country’s Purchasing Managers’ Index

Input prices rise at fastest rate since October 1998 Fastest rise in output prices since data first collected in January 2003 Headline PMI* falls below 50.0 as new orders decline and output stalls The Russian manufacturing sector continued to endure surging inflationary pressures due to the collapsing ruble at the end of 2014, …

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State Tenders Lost Attractiveness for Major Auto Importers

Large auto importers are talking about a decline of  business in terms of the  state tenders. According to the CEOs of   the country’s two largest auto importers Tegeta Motors and Toyota Center Caucasus, the government reduced the costs of the  tenders on purchase of services for maintenance of vehicles,however, small …

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