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Prosecutor’s Office Charges Former President Mikheil Saakashvili

Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili has been charged by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. The agency released a statement about the above-mentioned a few minutes ago. According to the prosecutor’s office, Saakashvili was charged in connection with a mass crackdown on demonstrators on November 7, 2007, criminal invasion in the …

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Aldagi Clinic “New Life” Paralyzed

The doctors and nurses have  left the Aldagi clinic “New Life” today. The information was provided by one of the patients. The reason of doctors’  protest is still unknown, but it is known that obstetrician gynecologists,  anesthesiologists and nurses wrote a letter of resignation. According to the patient, this time the clinic is …

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Energy Minister Kaladze Bought Seized “Caucasus Online”

“Caucasus Online’s” former owner  says that “Caucasus Online” was bought by Kakhi Kaladze. Mamia Sanadiradze tells “Commersant” the details of the  company’s forced concession and a fraudulentlyseizure by the  current owners of the company. The businessman explains that the people close tothe previous government forced him to sign an agreement under duress in which he agreed to everything. He says  that he was forced to cede the company’s 50% share …

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Railway and Metro systems Paralyzed Last Night due to Power Outage

Operation of the railway and metro systems were halted last night due to problems with electricity supply. Hundreds of passengers were evacuated from the Tbilisi metro stations. According to official reports, four trains came to a halt in tunnels and passengers were evacuated after the metro administration turned on the …

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