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Liquidink-Mixture of Old and New Style Wooden Armchairs

Liquidink is a new Georgian brand, which was founded a month ago and produces wooden armchairs. The business was an initiative of two friends, Pito Seturidze and Liza Timchenko. Pito who is architect and Lisa, who is an interior designer are not planning to expand the production.Pito will talk about how they started their business and what they are offering.


Tell us about your start up, what is Liquidink? 

I and Lisa know for many years that we should have planned our profession and future business together. We started to work on wooden armchairs and wood is quite interesting material to produce furniture. After some time, we will try to offer more diverse products to customers.

Tell us about yourself, what kind of experience do you have in this field?

I am an architect. I graduated from Art Academy in 2015. During 4 years, I learned a lot about the connection between subjects and nature. I am going to study more about product design because it is my field of interest. My 6 months architect experience in D Mark Company helped me to succeed. 

Liza Timchenko is an interior designer. After she graduated from Art Academy, she got her first experience in the rooms company and in Object later. Currently, she is a private interior designer.



How is your product different and how makes your product unique? 

It is hard to talk about it because we are still in the process of searching, observing materials, trying to learn more. It is getting more interesting. We have more ideas and we both like the mixture of old and new style. We don’t think we have competitors because we have our own ideas and others have theirs.

What are your future plans and expectations?

First of all, we want our brand to become famous and demanding not only in Georgia but abroad. At the same time, I want to study abroad to do something more in this industry.