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Innovative Website Assisting you to Get Hired

 There are certain difficulties finding professionals for different fields. However, it is even harder to find qualified people for very specific fields. Innovative website profix.ge handled this issue for its users. It was launched few months ago and it makes it easier for physical person to find professionals from different fields. There are already up to 700 professionals registered at the website. Businesscontract held an interview with one of the founders and financial director of profix.ge, Irakli Gulua.

What does profix.ge offer to customers?

We offer the largest and the most diverse base of professionals in Georgia which includes people from fields such as Japanese teachers, paragliding pilot and etc. After receiving service, there is an evaluation platform to rank services according to 10 points system.

Who is your target group?

Our target group is very large. Practically, every family who has an access to the internet is our potential customer. There are no limitations and no age limit either. We can compare it to freelancing, but in the virtual space.

How can a customer get information on your website and get hired?

Professionals can register in their category. If they reveal more information about themselves, it is more likely that they will be selected by customers. We are adding more professionals every day and there are already up to 700 people in our data base.

How many customers does your website have and what are your development strategies?

We created the website only 6 months ago and we already have about 3000 active customers.

In the near future, we are going to take part in TBC Bank program, Startuper. For our newly created company, it is very important to get financial support in the beginning. We will use startup loan to increase amount of our staff members as well as for marketing activities.