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Blockchain Demands the Renewal of Real Estate Extract

It is necessary to renew the extract to record real estate information in Blockchain. According to the agency of public register, recording information about real estate in Blockchain global network started on 20th of February and it is important for more security of the information, where deleting data, changing it and coping or illegal manipulation is impossible. Therefore, information about real estate is even more secure, transparent and available on the world scale.

Saving old data (before 20th of February, 2017) in Blockchain is possible only if you renew the extract. Citizens can renew the extract from offices, justice houses and electronically. 

Public Register gives citizens an opportunity to have an access to all the services electronically. They can ask for any kind of information online on the official webpage of Public Register and get the information back online as well.

National Agency of Public Register explains that citizens use the online services more often now. The most popular online service is a preparation of real estate extract. Until now, 190 000 citizens used the service.