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Balneological and Health Center to be arranged in Kobuleti

Multifunctional, balneological-health center will be arranged in Kobuleti. The Government of Adjara has already delivered an e-auction for the Center for the construction of 7 482 sq.m of non-agricultural land and 1065.90 sq.m. buildings located on N42, Friendship Street in Kobuleti.

The starting price of real estate is 406 500 GEL.

According to the terms of the auction, the investor is obliged to develop the project documentation of the building and the building permit to be placed on the land plot in 4 months after the contract is concluded; In 7 months the reconstruction-repairs / construction of multifunctional building-balneological center, research laboratory, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, orthoped-traumatology rooms.

The investor should be able to enter the multifunctional complex in 2 years and invest in the amount of 3 million GEL. According to the terms, the investor will be required to maintain the profile for 20 years.