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National Museum Hosts First Demonstration of GENIUS Series

On April 29 the first film of new biographical series GENIUS was demonstrated at the yard of National Museum of Georgia.

The film consists of 10 episodes and is dedicated to Albert Einstein. The role of the Genius is played by Geoffrey Rush. The series was shot due to the bestseller of Walter Isaacson: « Einstein: His Life and Universe”.


Ron Howard, director of Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, is one of the directors of the first season. There are two Einsteins in the film – youth years of the scientist is played by Jonny Flynn, while elder physicist is played by  Geoffrey Rush.

A representative of National Geographic channel arrived specially to attend the film presentation.

18297109_1624312710931965_26482364_oSymphonic quintet created a pleasant atmosphere for guests. Scientific Museum Experimentorium held a special show. Before the film demonstration a jolly lottery was held on Rustaveli Avenue that determined the most curious citizen. Winner Joni Kvezereli won a travel package to Germany, to Einstein Museum.


Genius series are attainable for SilkTV subscribers at National Geographic Channel. This channel has the option for replacing the language and subscribers are able to watch the film in original language at 22 o’clock every Sunday.