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Georgian wine on show at French exhibitions

Georgian companies have been exhibiting their product at the Les Penitentes and La Divre Boutteile exhibitions in France to raise awareness of Georgian wine, diversify export markets and attract more customers.

The first exhibition was Les Penitentes, held in the city Angers where five Georgian wine companies took part. Only the companies involved in natural wine-making were able to represent their product. Together with Georgian wine there was exhibited Italian, Spanish and French wines as well.

Iago’s Wine, Pheasant’s Tears, Alaverdi Cellar, Ramaz Nikoladze Cellar and Mandili are the companies which were exhibited in France through the support of the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Georgian wine-makers said that such exhibitions help them attract more customers and  increase their export capacity.

Later, Georgian wine was exhibited at another exhibition La Divre Boutteile held in Saumur, France. This time Gold Wine, Winery Niki Antadze and six types of Iberieli wines were exhibited.

During the exhibition a documentary by French director Pillipe Gasnier which told the eight thousand years history of Georgian wine-making, was screened.

The above mentioned exhibitions are considered among the most important events in the sphere of wine-making. Different companies of the World, wine importers, buyers and media representatives attend these exhibitions annually.

The Georgian National Wine Agency supports the Georgian wine-maker companies to take part in these exhibitions to popularise Georgian wines among the international community and professionals.