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Edward Curtis & North American Indian: Showcased in Georgia

The United States Embassy in Georgia, The Georgian National Museum, the State Silk Museum and Art Palace of Georgia are showcasing Edward Curtis & the North American Indian: Motherland, Tradition, Spirituality, an exhibition in three parts: Motherland, Tradition, Spirituality.

The exhibition is divided in three parts in three museums:

The exhibition “Motherland” (Tbilisi History Museum) 

Edward Sheriff Curtis is known today as the principal storyteller of native peoples of North America. One hundred years ago he uncovered the value and diversity in the cultures of these nations, who were thought during his time to be “a vanishing race”. The current exhibition does not attempt to destroy the iconic image of “the American Indian,” as the native peoples have been known, but rather to show that together with its better known feather-dressed nomadic chiefs and animal-masked spiritualists, North America is also home to the Hopi, an amazing group of people with no less spectacular a cultural life and history. And they all have same roots, same motherland, and same philosophy.

The photographs on display are copies from the collections of the Prints and Photographs Division in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, where the originals are preserved.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Library of Congress, Georgian-American University, Rooms Hotels and Elit Electronics for making these exhibitions possible.

*Attendance is free on the opening day. Ticket price 1-5 GEL
For more information about the project, please visit:www.edwardcurtis.ge

Duration of the exhibition:22 September – 22 October, 2017

Address: Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla), 8 Sioni Str. Tbilisi, Georgia.