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President of Venice Port: Georgia has a Lucrative Location

President of Venice Port Pino Musolino said at the Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi that the port plans to take active part in the “One Belt One Road” initiative. Port management is going to hold meetings with government agencies and private sectors.

“Venice is the destination of the western region of the Silk Road. We were the first cruise ships of the Silk Road and we would like to be active participants in the 21st Century One belt One Road Initiative. We are involved in this project since 2013, “said Musolino.

According to him, he plans to hold negotiations within the current forum with the representatives of Poti and Batumi ports.

“Of course we are interested in the potential of Anaklia Port. It is important not only to sign bilateral agreements, but also integration with the European economic system as a whole. We will have meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Georgia in order to develop export-import, trade-economic relations and supply networks between the two countries “, said Musolino.

Pino Musolino spoke about the role and possibilities of Georgia in the Silk Road.

“Georgia has a very lucrative location, it is located in the midst of two civilizations. In the shortest possible time through the Black Sea in the Mediterranean Sea, we can connect with North Europe via the port of Venice. That is why we believe that Georgia can play a very important role in this scheme, “said the President of Venice Port.