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Minister of Economy Ready to Communicate with Businessmen

Georgia’s Economy Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili declared his  readiness to receive information on any problems business faces, including through the radio station “Commersant”.

“Entrepreneurs have the possibility to inform the Ministry of Economy about their problems and personally, through business ombudsman and radio”Commersant “. I was surprised by the statement that we do not have communication with the business, as in fact we have worked very closelywith businessmen. If there is a need for exchange of opinions, I never refuse to meet with individual businessmen and representatives of various business associations. For example, I meet with Turkish businessmen permanently, so I’m surprised to hear complaints about the lack of communication from them. And they are quite open and transparent.

The only case when the talks are almost closed is  a Turkish company TAV managing the Tbilisi airport. Negotiations are almost finished and the basic technical issues are left to be solved. There was another project – the construction of  a steel plant in Poti by Turkey when  we denied permission and did it deliberately. I do not remember other similar cases, “- said the Minister.

According to him, he has never received any comments regarding his contacts with local businesses.

“I often meet with our businessmen not only through the mediation of various business associations and Business Ombudsman’s Office, but also directly. All businessmen know my phone and can always call me,”- the Minister of Economy adds.