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nikoloz doborjginidze

Georgia Has Great Potential As a Regional Hub of Innovation and Technology

Microsoft organized a large event on the topic of digital transformation. The event was attended by business leaders and IT department representatives.

We talked with Nikoloz Doborjginidze, Country Manager, Microsoft Georgia.

What are the main challenges of digital transformation in Georgia? Do you think that Georgia is keeping pace with the World?

Georgia is keeping a strong position with Gov. Services development in the region, having a strong agencies at place that support innovation and technology. Public Registry of Geogia was the first Gov. Body that intorduced Blockchain as a service for property registration.  On a business level, we see the adoption of Cloud services accelerating at a very high speed. It is driven for the need of more agile operations and cyber security concers that raising in the region. However, there is a room for stronger push digital transofrmation .

Where should Georgia seek its place in the “digital sky” of the world?

Georgia has an unique position as a corridor between Europe and Asia. The country has Free Trade Agreements signed with EU and China. Thus there is a big potential to develop Georgia as a regional hub for innovation and technology, connecting products and service seamlessly with the help IT and digital transformation.

In your opinion, what is the “strongest” conclusion of Digital Evolution Forum in Tbilisi?

I think that it was a great opportunity to intorduce where Micrsooft of is heading to and how the company views the model of solution based sales in Georgia. Keeping a very strong empases on Partner ecosystem and the transformation of the busniess as we know it.