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Bakuriani and Gudauri resorts Suffering with Lack of Tourists

The hotels located in Bakuriani and Gudauri resorts talk about the lack of tourists. The number of  tourists from Ukraine and Russia has particularly reduced  due to  the devaluation of the ruble and Ukrainian war.
According to Teimuraz Dolidze,  a booking manager at theBakuriani hotel  “Didveli”,  says that  last February the hotel was occupied by 50%, today only 7%. Dolidze notes  that despite the sharp decline in prices, the number of visitors is still very small.

The owner of another Bakuriani hotel “ETALAS” says that the number of tourists has halved compared to last year.

The situation is better in the resort of Gudauri, however, there is talk about the decline of tourists as well.

In the words of a representative of “Marco Polo” hotel,  compared to February last year when there was no snow, the number of visitors  decreased 20%.

Gudauri hotel “Carpe Diem”  works with a good capacity.
Sandro Onoprishvili, Director of the Mountain Resorts Development Agency, confirms a  decrease of tourists from Ukraine and Russia but notes  that in February the number of tourists has doubled compared to January last days.

In his words,  the picture changes every day.

As for the season, he says , thanks to the artificial snow mounds, it will last  at least until April 15, if  the demand exists, may not be completed until the beginning of May.